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New Eco Home Builds

What is a new eco home design? Well, the best way we can describe it is this: it’s smart. As smart as that guy who came first in all the exams at high school.

Smart homes work with you and for you. They’re intuitive. They know when you’re home and when you’re not. If you leave the house and accidentally leave a light on? The system will switch it off.

Want to make the most of those brilliant sunshine hours? A solar system will work to give you optimum power savings.

With a water system, you’ll have fresh clean water without total reliance on town supply. Onsite water storage works with a rain water system. It’s so good, the house will even water your greenhouse!

A security system is more than just a secure lock on the door. Going away on holiday? Your house will turn lights on and off at night. The smart door has a PIN access system. And the system can send a photo to your phone, so you’ll always know who’s at the door.

You deserve a home that’s spacious, energy efficient, and gentle on the environment without compromising comfort or quality. We want to give you that.

Solar Bank

A solar bank stores those precious sunshine hours, ready to activate in the event of a power outage.

Automated Water Storage

Fully automated water storage is a great backup in case of a mains pipe burst or area flooding.

Water Filtration

Our water filtration systems give you clean and fresh water throughout the house, from garden to kitchen to bathroom.

Energy Saving

Using too much energy not only wastes that energy and your money, it’s also bad for the environment. An energy saving system monitors your power usage and works to maintain optimum energy levels.

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