Building Services

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs — rain, hail, or shine, night or day, public holidays — we’ll be there!

Ram Raids

An unfortunate occurrence these days! Day or night, rain or shine, give us a call —from commercial fences to shop windows, we’ll be there to secure and repair.


Damaged doors? Broken windows? Whether it’s private property or your business, vandalism is upsetting. Our team is on-hand around the clock for repairs, and for your peace of mind.

Weather Events

When bad weather hits, you want a good team to turn to. Whether it’s fixing up a ripped roof and property damage after the event, or making your property weather-tight before a storm ever arrives, we’re here for you.


Feeling insecure about that smashed window, especially with dusk falling? Our team will make the property secure and plywood the window up, letting you have a good night’s sleep without worrying about your business being exposed to more burglaries.


Whatever the cause, natural event or manmade accident, flooding results in a major headache. We carry trash pumps and will oversee the system from setup to packdown. We can also setup flood barriers as required. Anytime, anywhere, we’re only a call away.

Building Construction